Renée Unleashed

Trump’s Kryptonite

Trump demonstrates a voracious hunger to “one up” everyone and everything within sight.  His delusional Twitter feed proclaiming sweeping victories, often for petty matters, when hard facts yield creditable, multiply sourced investigations that prove Trump is lying reveal his personality’s omnipresent need to best others.  Just this week, our nation watches him spend an inordinate amount of his presidential time preoccupied with promoting a tale that more people attended his inauguration in D.C. than did attend former President Obama’s 2009 inauguration.  Note to Trump:  Who cares?

At the same time this week, America’s newest president in accord with his pre-inaugural behavior, continues attempts to derail the press, offend the public at large with the suggestion that alternative facts shall henceforth suffice when hard core facts run amock with Trump’s agenda and directs at least one federal agency to delete its entire website page with links to years of compiled research regarding climate change.  Freedom of the Press?  Note to Trump:  Guaranteed by First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

So I’m thinking, how to use Trump’s Kryptonite for the better good because the better good seems to be on the chopping block?   Play up the petty defeats and let him know that’s the plan.  Based on his behavioral history, Trump’s ego cannot tolerate an extended tour of accumulated and publicized losses.  At first, he might pretend these trivial defeats lack impact.  And for any reasonable person, trivial defeats should ultimately lack impact.  Trump’s personality, on the other hand, so strongly needs to prove up a stellar win at every single contest, that ultimately his preoccupations with publicized accumulations of petty defeats might compromise enabling some of the more detrimental components of his agenda.  He still pines for the Emmy he lost.  Note to Trump: Maybe you did deserve that Emmy.  I don’t know. I never saw the show.

Don’t Call Me a Feminist Liberal

By now you get where I stand on Trump’s behavior in office so far.  I voted for Hillary Clinton, not because I liked her, but because of Trump’s pre-inaugural consistent and verified history of despicable behavior.  As my post from a year ago suggests, I would have voted for Bernie Sanders, but the DNC put the kabosh on that possibility.  Like most of the GOP, the DNC’s narrow-mindedness blinded them to the fact that the American people were about ready to opt for anything but more of the same establishment-oriented rhetoric and vision.

I preferred Bernie’s vision over Donald’s.  I didn’t care what kind of plumbing our next president was born with.  I don’t care if a future president surgically changes his or her plumbing system before, during or after he or she is president.  I care about human rights that includes equal access to quality health care for all.  Whatever it takes.  If it means less government involvement and more apolitical philanthropic funding, great.  If it means more government involvement under the direction of health care practitioners who each have years of clinical experience under their belts, great.  If it means making way for health care globalization agreements, wonderful.  Whatever works.  I’m over labels.

Do I want to see a woman become president one day?  Not sure.  What person in his or her right mind really wants that job?  Maybe we’ve never had a woman in office yet because most women are way too smart.  Admittedly, as humans, we all (men and women) have flaws.  So, yes, maybe one day a woman will be elected president.

As for feminism, my operating assumption dispels the myth that women need to prove anything to anyone about how powerful we are.  Feminism, to me, implies that some women believe they still don’t have enough power, that women remain victims, that men are more powerful.  Baloney.  When I step back and look at the big picture of life’s most essential gifts, time and again women assert the most spectacular and meaningful power imaginable.  When I lie on my deathbed, I’ll likely recall irreplaceable and priceless moments spent with my family and not the numbers on my last W-2.

I’m not discounting the gender wage gap.  Gender gaps appear in many forms and go both ways, in fact, in many more than two ways.  Gender identification is blossoming.

Take Away

So, in conclusion: Trump’s behavior after inauguration offers no surprises, despite futile hopes he might turn presidential overnight; I don’t take well to labels; and, I do not consider myself a victim.

You may disagree with any or all of the above.  Try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.